Fourth neurorespiratory conference

Opening Remarks
Dr. Ilana Schlesinger MD, Rambam Health Care Campus
The 4th Neurorespirartory conference put the patient, not the disease, in the center. 
Dr. Schlesinger addressed the fact that Stephen Hawking died on the day of the conference. She said that he is probably the most famous patient with the neuromuscular disease and respiratory involvement.  He set an example to what a good management can bring He also taught us about black holes and over the last few years, we have been working together to close one of those black holes. 
In this conference, we put the emphasis on how we can we improve the quality of life of our patients, as opposed to how we should treat diseases. 
Dr. Schlesinger thanked all those involved in making this conference possible. 

1st Session: Workshop on invasive and non-invasive respiratory support

The first session included introductory lectures on invasive and non-invasive respiratory support. see more


2nd Session: Breathing matters...


In the second session, Dr. Rokach discussed the importance of patient wishes in complex management decissions regarding their respiratory support. He also gave an overview of home-care in Israel; Dr. Haran talked about the importance of patient tailored respiratory support. see more


Finally, Dr. Starobin ended the conference with closing remarks




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