Bringing together neurologists, pulmonologists, ICU and rehabilitation physicians and allied professionals to improve the care of patients with neurological diseases and respiratory involvement. 

Recent Events

The 5th neurorespiratory conference took place at the Weizmann Institute of Science 

You can see the program here , you can join us for a discussion (in hebrew) about major issues in the home care of patients requiring respiratory support here 

The 4th neurorespiratory conference took place at the Dan Hotel Tel Aviv on March  14, 2018. This conference concentrated on 2 main topics: A workshop on invasive and non-invasive ventilation, led by the best ICU physicians in Israel, that included hands-on experience; A patient-based as opposed to a disease-based approach to respiratory support. You can see the full program: opening remarks, 1st session, 2nd session and closing remarks. 


Upcoming events!

We started planning the next conference. We would like to have your ideas and suggestions. join our forum


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